Whitney Wright

  • 239kviews
  • Birthday:
    20 September 1991
  • Birth place:
    Oklahoma, USA
  • Height:
    5'6" (168cm)

Whitney Wright is the ultimate girl next door! Her natural beauty is unmatched and she lights up any set with her amazing smile. This blue-eyed beauty is originally from Oklahoma and uses her genuine down-home charms to make other performers and the audience feel special. She has both Welsh and Native American heritage that builds upon her unique and sexy look. Whitney has been a breath of fresh air for many since she started in XXX in 2016. She's been featured in an impressive number of lesbian and oral sex scenes and now moves into hardcore and premium virtual reality.

The Wright Hole
The VR Experience
Haloween Sluts Wicked Orgy
Thanks Giving 2018 Busty Diva
First Gentleman

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