Top 5 Pornstars of June 2024

Trevor LeRue, July 8th, 2024 · VR Porn

We’re midway through the year, and the ladies are heating up the scenes in their latest VR porn videos. At POVR, we’re happy to watch these lusty pornstars do everything they can to make you hot and heavy. 

Sit back and relax as we present our feature of the top 5 pornstars of June 2024. Get your towel or masturbator ready for the sexiest women of the month. Plus, we’ve got some recommended videos for you to watch for each of them.

Cum with us on this exciting journey!

Lexi Lung

Imagine robbing a house when you come across a sexy vixen like Lexi Lung?

With an ample bosom and sexy lingerie, this brunette pornstar is more than happy for you to invade her privacy. While Lexi Lung has several standalone VR porn videos, she also features in some exciting collections. She’s also not afraid to share her female friends during a wedding.

Whether her pornstar partner is male or female, she is ready to touch, lick, and ride for your pleasure. Not only is she eager to show how clean-shaven she is, but also just how wet you can make her.  With MILF VR as one of her top categories, Lexi Lung is quite a sexy moaner when she gets worked up!

Lexi Lung has over ten exciting porn videos on POVR, ranging between quick shots and lengthy pleasure. One of her latest is Fake and Enter, where a robber encounters her waking up on the bed. What he doesn’t know is that she’s dressed and itching for some fun. Crime has never looked so good!

Recommended Lexi Ling video: Fake and Enter 

Brandi Love

How about a blond MILF with a tempting smile, piercing eyes, and long legs eager to make you hard?

With her huge breasts beckoning for you to touch and taste them, Brandi Love has a mischievous smile that taunts you to take her. While you may love her lingerie collection, she’ll make you want to remove them as quickly as possible before she goes down on you. 

Brandi has a few videos where you can enjoy her alone, but she’s keen to share her female friends with you in orgies and reverse gangbangs. No matter how many ladies accompany her, she remains the key focus with her sexy body, stunning voice, and dangerously naughty smile.

For your enjoyment, Brandi Love has 24 porn videos on POVR. If you don’t have much time, you can check out the quick 2-minute shots. Alternatively, the lengthier ones are just under an hour. In her latest video, Groupie Love, she’s keen to show you her oral skills before she takes you on a wild ride.

Recommended video: Groupie Love 

Lena Paul

Don’t have enough time for a long shake? Enjoy short videos with luscious curves and a horny face for a quick destress.

Lena Paul has an amazing body that doesn’t waste time. She loves putting your hardness between her lovely tits before climbing your lap and racing you to the finish line. Once you watch her porn videos, you’ll see just how well this pornstar moves with her seductive gaze.

One of her fetishes is taking virginity. Even if you’ve lost yours, she’ll make you feel young and vibrant again, like it’s your first time. Enjoy watching her ride you like a stallion or bending over for your viewing pleasure. Every curve of her body, especially her vulva, will make your eyes and shaft quiver with horniness.

While she only has eight short videos on POVR, she’s keen to send you on your merry way with a satisfying ending. Lena Paul also has some friends to join her, but her gaping hole is ready to please you in her latest production, The Hole Part 2.

Recommended video: The Hole Part 2

Blake Blossom

Look at that face. Don’t you want it looking back at you while you’re penetrating her?

Blake Blossom is one of the top blond pornstars on POVR. Her enticing smile and light nipples beckon you to enjoy her body and please her every way you can. While her genitals are smooth, she has a variety of pubic patterns in her porn content, directing you south to her treasure trove.

And what a blossom she is. In many of her scenes, she happily opens her legs to invite you in, giving you a moment to stare at her flower before you enjoy it. It’s a masterpiece of vaginal proportions, daring you to taste, nip, and tease. She also forms part of some collections, specifically ones that highlight her bouncing breasts.

POVR hosts 34 Blake Blossom porn videos for your stimulating pleasure. Her latest feature reveals her occupation as a sexy scientist who rebuilt your dong with futuristic technology. She’ll do more than check your health, as you need to test this bionic manhood out. After you’re done with her, she’ll have to do something to help you manage your heart rate.

Recommended video: The Six Million Dollar Dong 

Kyler Quinn

Do you fantasize about the girl next door? Someone with a more academic look?

Kyler Quinn loves spicing up her pornstar content by changing her appearance, especially her hair and lingerie. While she loves pleasing you, she also loves touching herself while you’re delving deep into her precious peach. Her adorable body and suck-ulent feet will remind you of that everyday girl with her cute smile.

Her barely legal appearance sees her in some teenish compilations and some saucy POV videos. She’s also fond of teasing some heads with her supple lips and mouth, but you’ll struggle not to cum when that gorgeous tongue appears. The cream of the crop is when she looks into your eyes with desire.

POVR has a library of 32 Kyler Quinn porn videos. They vary in length between short, medium, and long, making sure to meet whatever fun time you have available. The latest content sees a handyman interrupted by Kyler’s sexy presence, and he has a new hole to fill with his handy tool.

Recommended video: A Tight Screw 

Lots of Loving with the Top Porn Stars

POVR has plenty of hotties that will have you drooling for more, but these are the top 5 we recommend you enjoy in June 2024. We’ll return next month with another installment, showcasing the July honeys you’ll love. Let us know which of these beauties above you enjoyed the most.