A Wankzmas Story

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79 min  •  23 December, 2022

You've been such a good boy this year, Santa will bring you exactly what you wanted! Experience the excitement of Wankzmas morning when you catch Ol' Saint Dick leaving gifts under your tree. With a little holiday magic he will vanish with a flash and you're left to open up Lily Larimar, Penelope Kay and Scarlet Skies! Your sexy wife, Armani Black had some cum-soaked Christmas plans of her own and she'll catch you playing with your new toys. 'Tis the season for sharing and you'll find yourself fucking all four babes to make your Wankzmas extra-special! Get what you really want this year with Lily, Scarlet, Penelope and Armani but just be careful not to shoot your eye out!

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Comments (22)
3 weeks ago
Almost perfect scene and its a group sex scene wich is truly a performances since so many are totally wasted, here the casting is perfect, girls match with each other as we have three beautiful young women and beautiful busty milf, the only thing weird was the position for the blowjob when the performer sat down but its a only few minutes other than that almost perfect cause it lacked of kisses it always add more intimacy, and at one point theses ladies were screaming for roughness, hair pulling and slaps but didnt get what they deserves.. other than that that missionary and doggy style was FUCKING LEGENDARY, finaly girls are in line for us to fuck ! NA was the only one to do this in their foursome and not always but the wankz version is always better, dorty talk on point, the male performer really deliver so yeah almost perfect on my eyes, easily the best scene of the entire year on any site, this is award scene right here if you dont get some for this scene that means its rigged lmao. Congrats and thank you I'm really looking for more scene like this. 💯

Lili Larimar just stole the show, when she's in a scene I just cant stop watching her, thoses eyes and smile hypnotized me.
2 months ago
Picture looks extra crisp 👍
2 months ago
Thanks for the awesome girls… the video…well
so you got all these hotties who’s majority of the video not into each other… it’s like watching a gymnastics floor routine with one performer and all the other girls cheering on the side line… what could be better? Girl almost face-sitting… please use both hands to spread it, or better let other girls help with their hands or tongues…another point, the side girls, instead of sitting on the floor for 30 minutes stand up and show the goodies….kiss / lick each other not on the couch, in front of the cam, many videos lacking passion and focus… it’s VR, we care what happens on the sidelines, sorry to say, love these multi girls scenes (Please make more) but need Kenzie to wake up the girls a bit… nevertheless good stuff ty
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